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Identity culture and belonging

Identity, Culture and Belonging: Educating Young Children for a Changing World

Tony Eaude
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The Education of the Whole Child

Clive Erricker, Dr Cathy Ota, Jane Erricker, Danny Sullivan, Mandy Fletcher
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Reconstructing Religious, Spiritual and Moral Education

Clive Erricker, Jane Erricker
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Spiritual education in a divided world: Social, environmental and pedagogical perspectives on the spirituality of children and young people

Dr Cathy Ota, Mark Chater
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International Handbook of the Religious, Moral and Spiritual Dimensions of Education

Marian de Souza, Kathleen Engebretson, Gloria Durka, Robert Jackson, Andrew McGrady

Lærer og menneske. Å være ekte i møte med religiøs tro

Sturla Sagberg

Teaching for Meaning and Connectedness in the Middle School Years

Marian de Souza, Patricia Cartwright
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Understanding children understanding God

Ronni Lamont
41a B0 Y Kgkn L SX332 BO1204203200

The Spiritual Dimension of Childhood

Kate Adams, Brendan Hyde, Richard Woolley
51 RUV Cll KPL SY291 BO1204203200 QL40 ML2

Children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development – Primary and Early Years

Tony Eaude
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International Handbook of Education for Spirituality, Care and Wellbeing

Marian de Souza, Leslie J. Francis, James O'Higgins-Norman, Daniel G. Scott
411 Gk Qy27 L SX313 BO1204203200

How High Should Boys Sing? Gender, authenticity and credibility in the young male voice

Martin Ashley
51 Z3ywg BIHL SX376 BO1204203200

Children and spirituality: searching for meaning and connectedness

Brendan Hyde
Religious Education

Religious Education: A Conceptual and Interdisciplinary Approach for Secondary Level

Clive Erricker
Transcendental learning

Transcendental Learning: The Educational Legacy of Alcott, Emerson, Fuller, Peabody and Thoreau.

J. Miller
51wn COXL At L SX331 BO1204203200

“Nurturing the Spirit through Literature,” in Educating from the Heart: Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Transforming Education

A. Trousdale
51 BE Gkv UY L SX331 BO1204203200

Educating for Meaningful Lives: Through Existential Spirituality

Webster, S.
517z21 W6 Su L SX331 BO1204203200

The Edusemiotics of Images: Essays on the Art-Science of Tarot

I. Semetsky
Selfespress 9781550584875 t256

The Girls’ Diary Project: Writing ourselves into Being

D. Scott, S. McFerran

Spiritual experiences in Early Childhood Education

J. Mata
New Perspectives on Young Children Moral Education

New Perspectives on Young Children’s Moral Education Developing Character through a Virtue Ethics Approach

Tony Eaude
Life to the full

Life to the Full: The changing landscape of contemporary spirituality - implications for Catholic school religious education

Graham Rossiter
41ie Gv K Wz8 L SX349 BO1204203200

Holistic Religious Education – Is it Possible?: The Complex Web of Religion, Spirituality and Morality Research on Religious and Spiritual Education

Sturla Sagberg
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Meditation with Children: A Resource for Teachers and Parents

Noel Keating