Privacy Policy

We take privacy seriously.

The ‘International Association for Children’s Spirituality’ (IACS) is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We take privacy seriously. This statement explains why we process and protect your personal data.

When you register to join IACS, you are asked to provide personal data in the form of name and contact details to ensure full access to the benefits of membership. These include access to the International Journal of Children’s Spirituality either through an online facility or in hard copy form. Additionally, personal details are used for the purpose of informing you of membership activities and inviting you to take part. The legal basis for our processing of your data is Consent; you give us clear consent to process it for the stated membership purposes. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

Member’s details are stored securely only for as long as needed. It is ensured that such information is protected from unauthorized access. Personal details are never shared for marketing communications with any person or organisation from outside the Association.

On receiving notice of your membership, you are asked to opt in to receive additional communications such as newsletters or e mails regarding conferences, publications and other events. This is optional and you will only be contacted once you opt in. We might also use your details to contact you about potentially reviewing a book or a paper.

Host organisations of conferences and other events take ownership of registration procedures and in turn have their own privacy policies which are separate to those of IACS.

October 2018