Unseen Worlds: Looking through the lens of childhood



Unseen worlds looking through the lens of childhood.
Children inhabit multiple worlds, most of which go unseen to adults, dismissed as imagination or fantasy. Yet for children, experiences of fairies, angels, imaginary friends, dreams and seeing deceased relatives alongside the more frightening realms of nightmares and the unexplained are very real. The book breaks new ground by giving voice to children of various ages to express how they encounter these different worlds and why they often keep them a secret. Kate Adams emphasises that whilst many adults forget what it feels like to be a child, developing a little empathy and understanding can enhance relationships with children and lead to positive change, both in parenting and professional practice. This insightful book will be of great interest to educators, counsellors, youth and community workers, childcare providers, parents and anybody else who seeks to understand, nurture, and strengthen relationships with children of all ages.


Kate Adams

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