The potential of ‘wonder’ to engage children’s spirituality: it’s so much more than pondering



International journal of children's spirituality.
This paper presents findings from a qualitative investigation that sought to ascertain educators’ personal understanding of spirituality, their awareness of children’s spirituality and the pedagogical practices they used to attend to children’s spirituality. One of the key findings that emerged from this investigation was educators’ acknowledgement of wonder as a component of spirituality. However, in practice, wonder was actualised as an opportunity for pondering – for considering alternatives and thinking deeply on curriculum. Wonder is recognised in the literature as a characteristic of spirituality; it draws a person into a sense of mystery and to imagine possibilities. To ‘wonder’ is so much more than the skill of ‘pondering’. The potential of wonder in promoting young children’s spirituality needs to be more fully realised if educators are to attend to children’s needs holistically.


International Journal of Children’s Spirituality

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27, 3/4