Adolescent Spirituality and Education


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Adolescent Spirituality and Education - Chapter in book - 2016
Conceptions of adolescent spirituality are often coupled with frameworks and programs for the cultivation of moral reasoning, ethical decision-making, virtuous character, and/or religious confirmation. Researchers and practitioners typically focus on what constitutes movement toward psychological well-being and socially approved relational behavior, with some attention also given to philosophical or religious questions of meaning and purpose. Perspectives in the field are diverse, both because training comes from a variety of feeder disciplines (e.g. education, human development, theology, counseling) and spiritual nurture takes place in diverse settings (e.g. schools, religious congregations, community centers, treatment programs). To better serve the needs of young people, the field of adolescent spirituality and education needs to embrace and carefully explore the benefits and challenges of its interdisciplinary nature and work at integrating research data and disciplinary frameworks in more creative and coherent ways.


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